Better Science, Policy and Services for HealthDevelopment
As health policy makers grapple with the question of how to strike balance between the store of available knowledge and the vast number of people who are under-served by the formal health sector, there is a global search for breakthroughs in different forms of science that will lead to tangible improvements in the services which facilitate and support the attainment of better health.
Public demand for traditional and complementary medicine continues to expand globally. this stems in part from recognition that conventional medicine does not have answers to all healthcare needs, and in part from a search for more personalized healthcare in reaction to a perceived de-humanisation of much of conventional medicine. The symposium was called upon to develop consensus on a sound way forward for developing an evidence base for traditional medicine, for harmonization of traditional and conventional medicine practices, for sustainable collection of medicinal plants and for promotion of cost-related research in a number of model areas. (to be contined to next page)