24th May
The Programs for 378th Medicina Alternativa World Congress (1)
09:00--11:00 Visit to Meiji-Shinkyu University
13:00--17:00 Visit to Kansai College of Oriental Medicine
(09:00--10:00) [Opening Ceremony]
09:00--09:30 Dr. Anton Jayasuriya "Guest Speech (1) "
09:30--09:45 Dr. Ptarick Theilier "Guest Speech (2)"
09:45--10:00 Mr. Hernan Crespo-Toral "Guest Speech (3)"
(announcement of messages)

10:00--10:10 ---------------coffee break--------------------

(10:10--11:40) [Special Demonstrations]
10:20--10:40 Dr. Mineo Moritani, "Dance of Spirit through Sounds and Visions"
10:40--11:10 Dr. Shozo Hashimoto, "Light Art and Mental Health"
11:10--11:40 Dr. Shigeo Hara," Search of 'Tsubo` in elephants."
11:40--12:10 Dr. Stanciulescu, "The Therapeutical Power of the Word: a Semiotic Approach."
12:10--13:00 ------------------- lunch -----------------------

(13:00--18:00) THE FIRST SESSION: Alternative Medicine(A)
13:00--13:30 Dr. Ram Krishana Sah, "Nutrient Therapy."
13:40--14:10 Dr. Shaskikant S. Seth, "Touch Healing Therapy and Herbal Medicine for Maleria."

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25th May
(14:00--16:00) < Lectures by Dr. Anton Jayasuriya>
(08:00--09:00 Music Performance by Dr. Mirei Moritani)